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Intel adds Xeon W-2200 sequence to its 2019 HEDT lineup


Intel adds Xeon W-2200 sequence to its 2019 HEDT lineup

what if hedt, but ecc — W-2200 is basically X-Series Cascade Lake with ECC RAM and AMT management. Jim Salter – Oct 7, 2019 1:20 pm UTC The top four CPUs on the W-2200 SKU list are, effectively, Cascade Lake-X plus ECC RAM and AMT out-of-band management. Intel Corporation To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Xeon W-2200…

Intel adds Xeon W-2200 sequence to its 2019 HEDT lineup

W-2200 is surely X-Series Cascade Lake with ECC RAM and AMT administration.

  • The tip four CPUs on the W-2200 SKU list are, effectively, Cascade Lake-X plus ECC RAM and AMT out-of-band administration.

    Intel Corporation

  • To exclusively no one’s surprise, Xeon W-2200 also has DLB instructions available. This is the equivalent instruction impart extension available in Cascade Lake-X, Ice Lake, and more moderen Xeon Scalable CPUs.

    Intel Corporation

  • The 2 things you in actuality should study about this slide: “outdated period” design Xeon W-2295 vs Xeon W-2195, and “three years within the past” design Xeon W-2295 vs Xeon E5-1680v4.

  • This is the sequence of gorgeous print footnotes for the efficiency slides within the deck. The greatest recordsdata is what “vs closing period” and “vs three-year-feeble workstation” point out respectively.

    Intel Corporation

This day, Intel’s W-2200 sequence Xeon joins Cascade Lake-X within the 2019 HEDT lineup. The Xeon W line goes additional down into low-efficiency territory than Cascade Lake-X does, however the pinnacle-four CPUs within the lineup effectively are Cascade Lake-X: they’ve got the equivalent core and thread count, same injurious and turbo frequencies, same quantity of cache, same sequence of CPU lanes, and the equivalent advertised TDP, alongside with reinforce for Deep Studying Boost, Thunderbolt 3, 2.5G Ethernet, and Wi-Fi 6.

Other than Cascade Lake-X being unlocked for overclocking, the greatest—and prior to now as we can describe, exclusively—true differentiator between Cascade Lake-X and the pinnacle four Xeon-W2200 processors is Intel vPro platform reinforce. The vPro ticket design that Xeon-W2200 CPUs reinforce up to 1TB of ECC RAM (in contrast to Cascade Lake-X’s 256GB of non-ECC) and Intel Active Management Skills (an out-of-band administration system that runs on the Intel Management Engine, now no longer the most fundamental x86-context CPU).

  • Xeon W-2200 CPU specs. Show camouflage that the pinnacle four SKUs are in reality equivalent to Cascade Lake-X—however with ECC and AMT tacked on.

    The bottom four don’t neatly correspond to any existing CPU devices from one other Intel family.



    hello world

    Intel Corporation

  • These are the specs for essentially the most modern nick of X-sequence CPUs—which Intel says we should not name “10th period,” no matter the model numbers.

    Intel Corporation

  • For comparability, these ninth-period Core F and KF processors—released in Q1 and Q2—private fewer PCIe lanes, much less cache, and fewer memory channels than Core X or Xeon W.

    Intel Corporation

The pretty a few differentiator between Cascade Lake X sequence and Xeon W-2200 is, in spite of the whole lot, designate. Adore Cascade Lake-X, Xeon W-2200 lower Xeon W-2100’s prices roughly in half—Xeon W-2295 charges $1,333 in contrast to Xeon W-2195’s $2,553, let’s thunder. This calm leaves you with about a 25% designate lengthen going from a Cascade Lake-X CPU to its equivalent within the Xeon W-2200 line.

The more cost effective half of the Xeon W-2200 line—including the $667 8C/16T Xeon W-2245—are rather irregular geese. They set now no longer in actuality overview straight to any pretty a few Intel CPUs and are simplest suited for evenly threaded applications that want rather a lot of RAM. Can private to you do no longer select the 1TB of addressable RAM or Intel’s out-of-band Active Management, it’s likely you’ll per chance per chance per chance presumably also rating a sooner CPU for the cash in both Intel’s $440 8C/16T i9-9900 or AMD’s $330 8C/16T Ryzen 7 3700X—and if your app scales effectively across hundreds threads, you are doubtless at an advantage with AMD’s $675 16C/32T Epyc 7282—or whatever comes out in November to interchange closing year’s $640 16C/32T Threadripper 2950X.


Can private to you are within the market to upgrade an growing outdated Intel HEDT workstation, the associated price cuts rating this a lovely decent time to whole it. Even even if there is just not always grand to glimpse at by potential of year-on-year efficiency from 2018—about a 10% lengthen in efficiency across the board—it’s likely you’ll per chance per chance per chance presumably perfect about double the efficiency of a 3-year-feeble Xeon e5.

The true ask raised is whether or now no longer it makes extra sense to re-up with Intel to your HEDT desktop, or swap to AMD. It be powerful to effectively retort that ask before we study the final particulars on this year’s Threadripper CPUs, due out in November—however our wager is, personnel AMD could per chance per chance also very effectively be going to be taking a peep better for rather a lot of workloads.

Intel forces you to comprehend from vast banks of ECC RAM on Xeon W or overclocking reinforce on Core X. Threadripper brings each and every to the desk in a single CPU, offering each and every 2TB addressable ECC RAM and Precision Boost Overdrive overclocking. Intel will doubtless continue to private a tiny revenue on single or dual-threaded workloads, however we query that revenue to private gotten smaller dramatically this year in Core X/Xeon W vs Threadripper 3, perfect as it did with Core i5/i7/i9 vs Ryzen 3000.

The exclusively true final questions are in designate—and extra importantly, vast OEM vendor select-in. Most folks don’t appear to be shopping for Xeon W CPUs from tiny system builders; they’re shopping for them in pre-built Dell, HP, and Lenovo workstations. Every person is aware of AMD already has as a minimum some traction with HP because of the the significant points about the EliteDesk 705 G5 line. If it goes to rating equivalent affords with vast OEMs within the workstation/HEDT market, there is a attainable for true upset to Intel’s prolonged-standing cessation to-monopoly in that space.

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