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Dubai becomes first city in UAE to apply comparable outdated for industrial management techniques


Dubai becomes first city in UAE to apply comparable outdated for industrial management techniques

Home News (Image credit: DESC) Dubai has become the first emirate in the UAE to put security standards on industrial control systems (ICS) as there is an increase in OT (operational technology) security incidents in the Middle East and the digital transformation drive is going to make it worse as the threat landscape is getting…

Dubai becomes first city in UAE to apply comparable outdated for industrial management techniques
Amer Sharaf, Director of Compliance, Support and Alliances at DESC, and Dr. Bushra Al Blooshi, Director of Research and Innovation at DESC

Dubai has grow to be the valuable emirate in the UAE to position security standards on industrial management techniques (ICS) as there is an magnify in OT (operational skills) security incidents in the Center East and the digital transformation drive is going to create it worse as the possibility landscape is getting more subtle.

IT (recordsdata skills) techniques are storage techniques, computing skills, industry applications and recordsdata analysis while OT techniques are equipment tools, sources monitoring techniques, industrial management techniques (ICS) and SCADA gadgets.

Dubai Digital Security Centre (DESC), the regulatory authority in Dubai, is stepping in at the correct time as IT and OT techniques are merging and getting connected to the online.

The Iranian malware Shamoon 1, in 2012, reportedly destroyed thousands of computer techniques at Saudi Aramco and Qatar’s RasGas. Shamoon 2 made an identical assaults in 2016 and 2017 while Shamoon 3 made a delicate wave of assaults against targets in the Center East oil and gasoline vegetation in December 2018.

In 2017, cybercriminals in the lend a hand of Triton, also most frequently known as Trisis, centered Triconex security instrumented machine (SIS) controllers provided by Schneider Electrical, resulting in plant shutdown, on account of flaws in security procedures.

In 2019, Triton yet again centered industrial management techniques (ICS) at one other company in the Center East.

The first grow to be Stuxnet, known to possess developed by the US and Israel to sabotage Iran’s nuclear ambitions in 2009 while the 2nd malware, Duqu grow to be a reconnaissance programme and it contained 20 cases more code than Stuxnet and is intention more in style than Duqu.

The Industroyer (in most cases is known as Crashoverride) is a malware framework thought about to had been extinct in the cyberattack on Ukraine’s energy grid.

Havex is a faraway entry trojan learned in 2013 as portion of a in style espionage campaign focusing on industrial management techniques (ICS) extinct throughout varied industries in the US and Europe.

Per overview agency Gartner, the scale of the stand-on my own OT security market in 2018 grow to be valued at $250 million, growing to $1.1 billion in 2022, representing an annual growth price of 45.7%.

  • UAE recordsdata protection law, an identical to GDPR, seemingly landing this year
  • Russia and Iran expected to conduct disruptive cyber-assaults in Center East
  • Healthcare is a resplendent purpose for disruptive or harmful cyberattacks

Protecting digital infrastructure

Amer Sharaf, Director of Compliance, Abet and Alliances at DESC, stated that implementation of the in style, after benchmarking it against internationally recognised standards, by linked government entities in Dubai will attend present a delicate and improved framework for industrial security and create obvious minimal possibility framework to enhance the industrial sector’s digital infrastructure against upward thrust in cyberattacks on this sector globally.

Dr. Bushra Al Blooshi, Director of Study and Innovation at DESC, stated that Enoc, Dubai Electrical energy and Water Authority (Dewa), Dubai Airports and The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) had been key in co-developing and enforcing the light security comparable outdated.



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She stated that RTA will implement the in style in tram and metro; Dewa in water period and water transmission, energy period and energy transmission;  Enoc in gasoline transmission and airports.

“The standards had been developed in collaboration with these four entities and they’ve unless November to commence deploying the standards. From April onwards, we are succesful of preserve workshops with these entities and rep solutions from them relating to the challenges they would just face when enforcing the standards,” she stated.

When requested relating to the in style for internal most entities, she stated that the in style for internal most sectors are pushed throughout the federal government entities but luckily, no internal most sector in Dubai is the usage of ICS.

When requested whether or no longer there will a nick-off date to interchange legacy OT techniques, he stated that a pair of of them must set up a thought and no longer an abrupt change. The possibility overview methodology will give flexibility, reckoning on high- to low-possibility techniques, and they are able to create a thought to nick lend a hand the possibility.

DESC has the in style (Data Security Legislation) for the IT techniques and grow to be mandated in 2012.

Flee against digital transformation

In December 2019, DESC, in association with Dubai Health Authority (DHA), launched the protection comparable outdated for electronic biomedical gadgets (EBMD) throughout the emirate in a uncover to restrict breaches throughout the healthcare sector and conserving silent patient recordsdata.

When requested whether or no longer there will be a unified UAE security comparable outdated for ICS, Al Blooshi stated: “We are taking part with TRA and Abu Dhabi Digital Authority to rep it aligned throughout the UAE.  If Dubai’s implementation is winning, then the same comparable outdated or after a puny bit of dazzling-tuning will be accomplished at a federal level. It is the TRA which might resolve it to the federal level.”

Moreover, she stated that the UAE is dedicated to steer in the trudge against digital transformation by adopting man made intelligence (AI) tools, the applying of web of things (IoT) and other neat applied sciences, in particular that depend on 5G networks.

“Essentially the most modern security comparable outdated is a needed step against conserving digital recordsdata throughout all sectors and the least bit rate,” she stated.

Sharaf stated that auditors from DESC will trot and assess the techniques for security compliance in the federal government and semi-government organisations.

“There are varied KPIs for the Dubai Authorities Excellence Programme and one amongst them is compliance. If an entity gets higher scores, they are able to pass up the ladder in the excellence programme, portion of an incentivised mechanism,” he stated.

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